A subsidiary of Sincerely Yours Events, Fancy Pufs is a company that specializes in making your party marvelous! As an event planner, I am constantly in search of the newest and fanciest things for my clients' parties. While brainstorming ideas, cotton candy came up way too many times! Sugar, cotton candy, pink, clouds and the list goes on. There is something about its fluffy goodness that brings the little kid out in everyone.

So why do we not see it as many times as we see cupcakes and cake pops?  How do we spin traditional cotton candy and transform it to be modern, stylish and savvy enough for your soiree? The answer is simple: make it FANCY!  

Fancy Pufs uses organic, gluten-free, all-natural flavoured sugars to create handcrafted, personalized yummy treats for your special event.