My Bridesmaid Ask! A Modern Bohemian Brunch

I am so excited to finally share the details of how I asked my bridesmaids to be a part of my special day! My fiancé and I got engaged quite a while ago, so I had time to brainstorm a bunch of different ideas on how I wanted to ask my closest friends and family to join me on the big day. After running through a bunch of different options and possibilities, I knew deep down that throwing a party was the obvious answer. Being an event planner I tend to find any excuse to throw a party, so no one had to twist my arm here!



Party Elements:

Once I coordinated a day to get all my ladies together I developed a theme and a vision. I envisioned an upscale bohemian brunch with modern accents. Also, I wanted marble and acrylic accents paired with deep bohemian colours. I wanted the day to be for the girls. Additionally, I pictured yummy food, good laughs and the ultimate pampering experience. In order to tie it all together I knew I needed a team of talented girl bosses to help me out. First, I sent out an invitation that invited each girl to a brunch. The invitation was handwritten by Cecile Lau Calligraphy on beautiful water colour paper. It included a speciality picture frame, a photo of my favourite memory with each lady and an invitation box sealed with a bow. Although my secret was relatively clear I tried to keep as many surprises as I could until the big day.


The Big Day:

When everyone arrived on the big day it was so exciting! It was great to finally get the chance to formally ask my girls to join me on the big day. We started off with a champagne toast featuring the cutest cotton candy cocktails from Fancy Pufs. Once everyone arrived we were seated and the girls were greeted by their gift, a water colour and acrylic place setting “Bridesmaid?” print by Cecile Lau Calligraphy. I gave a brief toast about why we were there and why each and every one of them had no choice but to say YES! Once the tears were shed and the speech was done, each lady got to open a special little gift from me. We had talked about how we were going to bachelorette since forever, so it seemed fit to get each girl their own signature bachelorette bikini from Shopfly Nation!



We ate the most delicious brunch catered by Colette Grand Café, complete with signature hor’deaurs, a speciality salad including fruits, grilled chicken and vegetables. The room and tablespace was absolutely gorgeous! My team at Sincerely Yours Events ensured that no small detail was missed. Our centerpiece and floral accents by Wild North Flowers were gorgeous, filled with unique Ontario grown flowers and a bold colour palette. Our place setting featured the most perfect pink dinnerware by Urban Barn, modern rose gold flatware by Home Sense Canada, raw silk linens crafted by our event team and speciality name settings by Cecile Lau Calligraphy. Every detailed was as beautiful as I had imagined.



Once brunch was completed each lady got to choose a beauty service of choice, pick a one of a kind floral crown or head piece and sip on another cocktail or latte while getting pampered. It was the ultimate girls day out! The entire day was filled with love and definitely got us ready for the next year ahead! Thankfully, I have a pretty amazing photographer friend, Jillian Botting Photography, who was there to capture the day! Next on the list: Bridal Shower duties!”




Event planning, styling and boho accessories: @sincerelyyoursevents
Organic cotton candy: @fancypufs
Venue + beauty services: Her Majesty’s Pleasure @hermajestyspleasure
Catering: Colette Cafe @colettetoronto
Calligraphy: Cecile Lau Calligraphy @cecile.lau.calligraphy
Floral: Wild North Flowers @wildnorthflowers
Photography: Jilly Botting @jillybotting

See the Full Feature over on Karas Party Ideas! 


Rosé Cotton Candy Cocktail Recipe

Okay, so we are only 10 days away from Christmas and if you're like me your going CRA-ZY! Your so excited, but your to do list is catching up to you. Your looking for gift ideas for everyone and their puppies, hanging the last few ornaments on your tree and planning your next event! You either need to whip up the cocktail of the year to show that your the hostess with the mostess or you need to cool off and have a drink? Am I right? 


Organized or not, it’s always fun to get last minute tips and tricks to swoon your guests.  If your the girl that has it all figured out, then you'll have tons of time to whip this up! So here we are. 

We sent a bunch of organic cotton candy over to the girls at Random Acts of Pastels, because, well, we just love them and they created the ultimate cotton candy cocktail for us to share. 

Check out Random Acts of Pastel's recipe :

Ingredients //

Fancy Pufs Cotton Candy (pink preferred!)
Pink Champagne
Dillon’s Rose Gin
A classic bar set (Ours is from Cocktail Emporium)

Recipe //

Fill each glass with cotton candy (as much as you can fit!)

Pour two shots of rose gin and approx. 1 cup of champagne into a cocktail shaker. Stir gently.

Pour the mixture over each glass of cotton candy and watch as the sugar dissolves into the champagne (it’s more fun than you think…)

Top off each glass with extra cotton candy and champagne until full, then add a stir stick of your choice- we just glued bits of tinsel onto paper straws!

To purchase tubs of your preferred flavour just click here


Tell us what you think and/or suggest! If you make your own be sure to tag @fancypufs and @randomactsofpastel on Instagram. We can’t wait to whip up another batch for our next party. Which is tomorrow. Got to go plan. Ciao! 

Happy National Cotton Candy Day!

Today and Christmas morning have a lot in common for me. In fact, this might be my favourite day of the entire year! I’d say I was bias, but who doesn’t want to have an excuse to bite into yummy, fluffy Fancy Pufs!? Likely no one, or just someone I can’t be friends with. 

To celebrate the biggest day of the year I am introducing my new online journal- Pufista Life. This journal is meant to give you inside recipes, tips and tricks for styling your organic cotton candy and event inspiration. On top of that, I want to get personal! Since there’s a lot that goes on behind closed doors at Fancy Pufs I would love to share snippets of my daily life, my travels, my team and how this crazy dream keeps up! Follow along and stay tuned weekly to read about what’s next. 

In the meantime, here are some light fun facts to blow your sugary minds on this holiday!


-Ironically two dentists actually created and trademarked ‘cotton candy’ 


-Cotton candy is older than anyone you know! Sugar was spun by chefs since the 17 century. 


-What Americans call cotton candy is called “candyfloss” in the UK and India, “fairy floss” in Australia and Finland, “papa’s beard” (barbe à papa) in France, and “old ladies’ hair” in Greece.


-Cotton Candy actually has less calories than 98% of the treats you find at fairs and events! 


I know I know, CRAZY! Now get your hands on some here. It’s only right on National Cotton Candy Day!