Happy National Cotton Candy Day!

Today and Christmas morning have a lot in common for me. In fact, this might be my favourite day of the entire year! I’d say I was bias, but who doesn’t want to have an excuse to bite into yummy, fluffy Fancy Pufs!? Likely no one, or just someone I can’t be friends with. 

To celebrate the biggest day of the year I am introducing my new online journal- Pufista Life. This journal is meant to give you inside recipes, tips and tricks for styling your organic cotton candy and event inspiration. On top of that, I want to get personal! Since there’s a lot that goes on behind closed doors at Fancy Pufs I would love to share snippets of my daily life, my travels, my team and how this crazy dream keeps up! Follow along and stay tuned weekly to read about what’s next. 

In the meantime, here are some light fun facts to blow your sugary minds on this holiday!


-Ironically two dentists actually created and trademarked ‘cotton candy’ 


-Cotton candy is older than anyone you know! Sugar was spun by chefs since the 17 century. 


-What Americans call cotton candy is called “candyfloss” in the UK and India, “fairy floss” in Australia and Finland, “papa’s beard” (barbe à papa) in France, and “old ladies’ hair” in Greece.


-Cotton Candy actually has less calories than 98% of the treats you find at fairs and events! 


I know I know, CRAZY! Now get your hands on some here. It’s only right on National Cotton Candy Day!